Arnica Oil and its Benefits.

By: Dr. Mercola

With the use of herbal medicines growing, arnica oil is slowly being used more and more as a healing agent for all types of ailments. It is a great thing to have around the house or stored in a first aid kit. Arnica Oil is made from a clan of perennial plants from the daisy family. Native to Europe and Siberia this mountainous flower is recognizable by its yellow petals and orange centre.

The amazing properties arnica has range from dealing with pain to skin remedies:

  1. Pain relief in conjunction with muscle spasms bruising and swelling.

  2. Great for anti inflammatory and antimicrobial which helps kills microorganisms and stops further growth.

  3. The skin when regarding Acne, but never on broken skin.

  4. Insect bites and stings especially when dealing with pain.

    Arnica is great when paired with massage as massage deals with relieving a lot of the same issues like inflammation, muscle stress and pain.

The oil can be very strong and may need to be diluted or it can cause some strong side effects. Arnica should never be applied to an open wound or digested. There are pills that contain arnica but they contain very small quantities allowing it to be safe to digest.

So consider adding Arnica oil to your household and reap the many benefits it has for your body. Its a great alternative to your everyday pain relieving medications!