From The Guests Perspective!

As the spa industry continues to grow and evolve, so does the art of customer service. There are some specific action items that count in spa customer service, as well as a general attitude and energy that staff must convey in order to impress the destination spa guest.

First Impression

Guests should be greeted and welcomed upon arrival to the spa, and phones should be answered within three rings. By using guests names you make them feel appreciated and noticed. Front desk staff should be excited on guests’ behalf for their spa day, and show enthusiasm through tone of voice, asking if it’s a special occasion, and making appropriate notes in appointments to share information with service providers.


Spa attendants have an opportunity to make a positive impact on guests’ experiences with simple gestures of kindness like refreshing a cup of tea without being prompted, bringing dry towels as needed, and helping guests understand how to use the amenities. Their interactions should be quiet, respectful and unobtrusive.

A five-star spa attendant knows how to anticipate guests’ needs and be wiling to have pleasant and positive conversations if guests want to engage. Staff should be sure to keep a watchful eye on traffic flow and supplies. Ensure that guests understand the treatments offered and each expected benefit by designing an easy to read and visually appealing treatment menu. Provide flexibility in booking appointments and train your booking/reception staff to be helpful, engaging and aware of the booking nuances.


The art of spa customer service during massage or skin care involves more than being professional and well-spoken. There are standards that must be upheld—proper draping, product knowledge, timing, pricing quotes if upgrading, checking in about comfort and preferences, and maintaining a serene presence.

Conducting a consultation before beginning a session, and confirming about pressure at least twice during the session, are important steps to include. Some people prefer press-and-hold pressure, some like broad palm strokes, others want trigger points worked out—it is up to the therapist to determine what each guest likes best.

Last Impression

Upon checkout, satisfaction should be confirmed, and if there is any negative feedback, address it immediately. Offering to book an additional appointment and another thank you by name is essential.