Grieve with massage

Coping with grief and loss

As Massage therapists we see people in all different stages of life, we see them in their ups and downs. Most people wouldn’t think we can help with emotional problems. When we loss someone whether suddenly or over an extended period our body and brain chemistry changes. We withdraw from others and choice alone time to process. Small things change at the beginning , low mood, no energy, overwhelming emotions. During grief, people tend to mention they don’t feel themselves anymore, very disconnected from the world, friends and family.

Changes inside and out

Our body begins to change during this early stage, slouching poster, build up of lactic acid, loss of appetite and insomnia. All these things build and extend the grieving period. Further down the track muscles begin to tighten and cause physical pain and restriction which makes doing basic things harder and seem like more of a challenge.

Massage is over 5000 years old and practised in all cultures throughout the world, In Hawaiian culture it’s used to celebrate each passing step in life, From life to death, marriage and the break down of relationships . The belief is by removing someones bad energy it allows them to move forward in their life. People have been known to burst into tears during a massage for no apparent reason, Just the energy being moved through the body can trigger an emotional response and help people process emotions that had either been repressed or forgotten.

Healing the soul

With massage we cause changes to the body, boosting circulation helps the body process toxins stuck in muscles which form into “knots” which cause pain and reduced movement in joints. After a client steps off the table they would already notice a feeling of being lighter, the extra circulation to the stomach area helps with digestion, relaxed muscles in the neck reducing headaches and moving of stagnant blood in body means the brain can think clearly relieving the “foggy feeling”. Something so simply as a hug causes change in the body, the brain releases oxytocin which lowers blood pressure and reduces anxiety during the hug.

Human touch is powerful and a great tool in healing the mind, body and soul.