Corporate Rates

Take some well deserved self care, and make HealFlow your home away from home.
With our Corporate Rate you just need to book at least one massage per month, and will have a preferred rate with us for all your appointments.
Be part of the family.

Contact us through email and become part of the HealFlow family:


HealFlow Mobile

Would you like to provide your employees with our healing experience?
HealFlow is able to provide our treatments at your place of work, improving your staff productivity and well-being at the work place.

Contact us through email and see motivation increase at an exponential rate:


HealFlow on the go

Having one of the most meaningful days of your life? Or even having a small get together with friends?

How about offering yourself and friends a zen break during the activities? What would be more perfect than treating them with a relaxing Swedish massage, or a tension-releasing neck shoulders and back massage session.

HealFlow will be able to attend to your party and elevate the experience into something even more memorable.

Contact us through email and wait for the raving reviews to follow: