Our background

Healflow was established in 2017 in the Yorkville/Annex region by a team of expert Healers from international backgrounds.

The centre was established to offer deep healing and rejuvenation to existing and new clients.

The approach of our therapists is a blend of eastern and western techniques.

Our Facilities

Our charming and comfortable location has a complimentary relaxation lounge equipped with refreshments, wifi and fresh fruit. The relaxation lounge doesn’t have a time limit simply because we want to treat your body to the pampering it deserves. The private treatment rooms are secluded and quiet to allow deep relaxation. 

We look forward to your visit.

Our Team


JC Morris

JC has over 15 years of experience working in physical and healing therapies. Originally from Costa Rica, he has trained around the world in various modalities and specialized techniques. A much sought-after therapist by celebrities and A-listers in North America, he is an expert in massage, beauty/aesthetics treatments and healing energy work.



Carmen has over 25 years of experience, trained in Europe and North America, she is specialized in therapeutic massage, aesthetics and Thai massage. Her approach is comprehensive and holistic, aiming to heal the body as a whole.



AT has performed for years in Melbourn - Australia, where he performed as a Remedial Therapist and eventually specialized in Lomi Lomi Massages as a way to heal body and spirit.
He is know for his unique technique that includes adding stretches to enhance one’s relaxation experience, while providing a holistic approach to his treatment.



Cydney has never been a fan of conventional western medicine and her teacher’s believed that she has a healing light. So when she returned to Canada after her South American travels, she started her education for Acupuncture and Moxabustion. She believes in a partnership between practitioner and client - that it is not the healer’s duty to heal, but to guide their client on a journey to recovery.

reiki league.jpg


Rupi is a healer and a yoga teacher. For over 10 years, she has been using reiki to hold space for people from all walks of life. Reiki brings peace to the mind, body, and heart above anything else, and many clients leave saying that they feel lighter and more connected. Her sessions embody honesty and integrity, all to help you discover the spirit within.



Adam comes from a family of healers which has given him the motivation to pursue working in natural health care. He takes a holistic approach with clients, focusing on releasing tension and promoting relaxation. He specializes in Swedish & Deep tissue massage.

Cyndi sept 05.jpg

Psychic Cyndi

During a reading, Cyndi uses tarot cards for guidance while connecting with her angels and guides to deliver a reading that spiritually directs you along your specific path. She may also connect with loved ones that have crossed over for messages of love and healing. She is widely recognized in North America with diverse clients around the world.



Jasmin has been a massage therapist for over five years, always gravitating towards hands on and natural ways to work with the body. She specializes in relaxation, deep tissue, and traditional Thai massage. The calming rhythm of her massage slows the sympathetic nervous system while her pressure helps the connective tissue to release built up tension.

Facebook Reviews

“Went for my first massage with Juan Carlos. He was amazing! The scents and lotions used were soothing and massage techniques were great- I still feel relaxed 3 days after! Definitely recommend and will be going back.”

”I’ve been here three times for massages. It’s hands down the best massage that I’ve had in TO. Period. GO!”
— Clients 2017, 2018

Google Reviews

“I had such a great experience here! I had a massage a couple weeks ago, and everything was great start to finish. Relaxing from the moment you walk in, and they really focus on making you feel welcomed and comfortable the whole time. I had a 90 minute Swedish massage. Carmen really knew muscles and the best techniques for relaxing/soothing/working/releasing tension from muscles. Also the use of warm towels, eucalyptus oil, and heated bed made the experience even better. Would definitely go back!”
— Client 2018